Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stoopid Computer!!

hey everyone, sorry for no post yesterday but my computer has decided to become stoopid & annoying!! It keeps crashing randomly and sometimes turning back on and sometimes not, then beeping at me!!!
Anyways my fickle computer is letting me on now but the internet is being uber-slow so i'll make this a quick post:
Brekkie was some yummy cooked apple (it was just a little burnt which made it taste caramelized and delicious!) with a dollop of sunflower seed butter on top, so good!
Then at lunch I made pumpkin hummus, which completley rocked! It was simple cause mum had already made homemade normal hummus, all i did was mash in some pumpkin. But boy did it make all the difference! It was so good like a sweet hummus, I dipped carrots & snowpeas in it and it was perfection. On the side I had a little homemade cheeze from BJ's Yummy Vegan Recipes which was very tasty too.
Okay i'm off, hopefully my darn computer will let me back on in the morning to read all you lovely ladies posts
oh and by the way on the running front i did 5 days straight of my 30minute jog/walk combo the gave myself two days off and just did a little yoga, i'm back on again tomorrow so i'm excited! Should you increase how much you run in week two or go slower than that??
have a fabulous day

Saturday, January 17, 2009


hi there lovelies! today i found something very exciting on the glorious web- the song My Never by Blue October. On Stephanie Meyer's website she has lists of songs which she would listen to when writing certain chapters of the twilight series. Well one of the songs is the previously mentioned My Never, which isn't actually released yet but Blue October played at the special Breaking Dawn concert. Previously you could only hear it via youtube but then I found this delightful website: http://www.playlist.com/. I love, love this song it's so adorable 'specially when you figure out which chapter she was thinking about when listening to it! Anyway I really wanted to share it with you guys so here it is: (he he someone scream I Love Edward part way through! lol! the song is suppose to be from Jacob's point of view)

Get a playlist!
Standalone player
Get Ringtones!

Oh and also thanks to the gorgeous River from Wing It Vegan,who gave me the idea to bake cookies using the sunflower seed butter i posted bout the other day. Today I decided 'yep, i'm gonna bake me some sunflower seed butter cookies!!'
I based it very loosely on a sugarless peanut butter cookie recipe from About.com. But I changed it so much; I ended up blending together two overripe bananas with 1/3 cup sunflower seed butter, 1 tblsp vanilla extract, 2tblsps molasses & 1 tblsp soymilk then added that to 2 cups homemade oat flour & 1/4 cup wholemeal spelt flour.
on top i added a droplet of sunflower seed butter then baked 'em up for 15mins. They were pretty good if i do say so myself, not very sweet which is a okay by me. The banana flavor was subtle but nice, you could really taste the flavor of the sunflower seed butter most predominantly which is what i aimed for so yay! They looked a little funky, very small and weirdly shaped but oh well, i'll leave you all with another pic of these babies:
Oh and Tiddlypom! Don't know what I'm going on about? Well apparently there is a blogging revolution afoot! Head over to The Vaguetarian Tea Room or I am the Diva for the details and be sure to let me know what you think of their idea (i find it interesting/hilarious!)
Cheerio for now!

A salad a day keeps the doctor away!

wow, i am seriously sucking at taking pictures of my food lately, i'll be sure to remedy this tomorrow but as for tonight you lovelies are left with only one pic (so i tried to make it large for ya!) it's my tasty antioxidant salad, from The Healthy Skin Diet. It's probably one of my favorite salad combos & it's so good for you i love it! The author of the book Karen Fischer is amazing, she's one of my idols!
I also tried the Chai Bumble Bar today & loved it! So chai-ey & delicious, not too nutty and i loved the little cornflake-y bits that popped up every now and then. It was pretty filling too, it left me very satisfied.
Tomorrow i think i'm gonna have a little bit of a cooking day so i can freeze some stuff for the rest of the week, so that should be fun.
Oh and today i went with my sis to watch bride wars which was surprisingly funnier than i expected
p.s oh she glows has a great giveaway on, but hurry cause it closes tomorrow!!!
okay i'l see you all tomorrow

Friday, January 16, 2009

some goodies

I actually have no pics of my eats today, i was kinda on the move all day & didn't have my camera with me (do'h) they were pretty boring anyway!
On the way home though we stopped into a health food store and picked up these yummies which are definitely worth posting bout.
First let me just say in the US you guys have the coolest sounding PB flavors ever, i mean choc PB!!! Wel over here this is as close as i get to that kind of perfection in a jar, it's called freenut butter, it's made from sunflower seeds and it is amazing!!!
It tastes kinda peanut buttery but darker (i don't think anything can actually taste darker, but richer didn't seem to be the right adjective!) Anyway i could eat jar fulls of this stuff, but i reluctantly restricted myself to a tblsp on a couple of rye Ryvita crackers for a snack.

Erica from Itzy's Kitchen posted about these bumble bars that looked so good and i didn't think they'd sell them in Australia but shockingly the health food store we stopped by sold one flavor of them: Chai with almonds i'm super excited to try it!
I also picked up some other bars, a wallaby bar which is fruity with flaxseeds, puffed rice & soybeans- it's super yummy. Then an apricot bar which i've never had but i need to eat more apricots (they have high iron) anywyay i love dried fruit bars, so i'll hopefully like it.
Okay i'm off i'll catch you all later, have a great night

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Creek & Green Crackers

hey everyone, how has your day been?? i've been a lazy lou all day...it's been awesome! I love chill out days, so relaxing!
I was in the generation that just missed the 'Dawson's Creek' era, but we rented it out at the vid store the other day just to check it out & i'm getting really into it. lol. I want Pacey & Joey to end up together!! Anyway here are some of my more interesting eats today:
No you don't need your eyes checked these crackers are in fact an ominous green color. There the Kitz spirulina, dulse & fresh herb crackers. There completley raw; ingredients are: flax seeds, IF sunflower seeds (no idea what IF means but it says it on the back so...), organic carrots, organic onions, organic tomatoes, spirulina, italian herbs & sea salt. Eating them plain they don't taste that hot but with my toppings of avocado & a scrape of promite or mango chutney they were really yummy!

Even though we lacked an ice-cream maker mum & i were determined to have a go at making the vanilla 'ice-cream' from Veganomicon. We just kept fruitlessly stirring it, hoping it wouldn't form icicles- it did! The end result was a vanilla-ry tasting, frozen thing with a cardboard quality.
I still ate a small bowl though, after all our hard work I wasn't about to let it go to waste- it wasn't too bad, 'specially when it got a little melted.
Oh the run today was good, just the same as yesterday I just wanna build up slowly
Ta, ta for now :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

lots of veggies in a quick post

here's an uber-quick post i'm off to watch a movie with the fam:
today i served so many rude customers, i swear there was something in the water everyone was mad like all day! But anyway onto a more pleasant subject- food!!
Lunch was a salad of lettuce, sweet potato, corn & edamames very delicious!
Then dinner was some yummy mushrooms stuffed with spinach, grated carrot, tvp & vegan Parmesan and broccoli on the side.
Running Day 1: quick jog/walk combo, only 25mins & like 3kms, i didn't get bored at all i listed to an audio book it was fun then on my way up the hill i blasted the volume on my mp3 listening to the Rocky theme song it was so kewl!

Love you all loads, stay cool :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

que Rocky theme music...

thanks for everyone's dvd suggestions i have looked most of them up and am considering buying a couple on ebay in the near future, so thanks they were all very appreciated!
today's eats were pretty standard and boring so no pics, sorry, except for this one of a new Kitz bar flavor i hadn't tried:
It's called super supreme, however i was disappointed (did not live up to the name super!) it was okay but the goji&choc one i had the other day surpassed it by miles!

Anyway as for the name of the post title...for about 1 year now i have been very on and off with running. I'll keep it up regularly for a couple weeks then i'll have no motivation for a couple months then i'll run just one day out of a week and so on and on in a vicious circle!! After reading so many fabulous posts on running lately & asking about it on Oh She Glows I've decided to take it up again, this time with a little more knowledge and alot more motivation! I'm hoping just writing about it on my blog will give me some incentive to wake up every morning and go for a jog. I bought this new heart rate/ calorie/step counter the other day which i will use, though to be honest i'm not entirely sure of its accuracy cause it was pretty cheap!
As suggested i'm going to begin with a jog/walk combo and slowly try and build that up, so wish me luck! Oh and if anyone has any other tips, anything would be great
Your all so fantastic, so have a brilliant day!!
p.s Oh and by the way on model behavior there is a giveaway, so be sure to check it out!