Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Creek & Green Crackers

hey everyone, how has your day been?? i've been a lazy lou all's been awesome! I love chill out days, so relaxing!
I was in the generation that just missed the 'Dawson's Creek' era, but we rented it out at the vid store the other day just to check it out & i'm getting really into it. lol. I want Pacey & Joey to end up together!! Anyway here are some of my more interesting eats today:
No you don't need your eyes checked these crackers are in fact an ominous green color. There the Kitz spirulina, dulse & fresh herb crackers. There completley raw; ingredients are: flax seeds, IF sunflower seeds (no idea what IF means but it says it on the back so...), organic carrots, organic onions, organic tomatoes, spirulina, italian herbs & sea salt. Eating them plain they don't taste that hot but with my toppings of avocado & a scrape of promite or mango chutney they were really yummy!

Even though we lacked an ice-cream maker mum & i were determined to have a go at making the vanilla 'ice-cream' from Veganomicon. We just kept fruitlessly stirring it, hoping it wouldn't form icicles- it did! The end result was a vanilla-ry tasting, frozen thing with a cardboard quality.
I still ate a small bowl though, after all our hard work I wasn't about to let it go to waste- it wasn't too bad, 'specially when it got a little melted.
Oh the run today was good, just the same as yesterday I just wanna build up slowly
Ta, ta for now :)


aredcardigan said...

Hey girl, thanks for all your sweet comments!!! You're so kind to me.

Glad to hear your run went swell. Aww sorry about the ice-cream, better luck next time. I hear ya about not wasting food. I'm the same

Have a good day ahead:)

It's almost Friday!

lborg said...

I've seen raw crackers before and I alwasy thought they were neat and looked good ... now your blog really makes me want to try them : )

Raw foods like that interest me ... I think they're neat!

Hope you're having a great week ... yay that's it's almost the weekend!!

aussirish said...

hiya girlie,
ice cream looks yummy..even if it was cardboardy :)
glad the runnings going well
i was in the just missed dawson creek era sis was obsessed with it though haha :)
have a great day, lounging is the best!!

jessy said...

oooohhhhh! i've never had raw crackers before! i think they may have them at my local health food store - i'd really like to try them out! actually, i'd love to purchase a dehydrator someday too so i can make my own! mmmmmmmm!

i was in the natural/organic/"foods from far away" section the other day and they had some marmite - is that similar to promite? because i hear that the yeast spreads are really high in B vitamins and so good for you! i have vegemite a loooooooooong time ago when i visited australia - didn't like it back then (over 10 years ago!), but my tastebuds have matured a lot since then. :)

hooray for more run'n! easing into it IS THE WAY TO GO! i always started to get ahead of myself and then i would just get worn out and keep having to go back to square one, that is until i made myself slow down and not rush - that's the key - take your time & ease into it! yay!

Lauren said...

Yum! Raw crackers are amazing~! I need to make some soon!

Dawson's Creek was definitely my generation. I started watching it when it first started (I think I was a freshman in High School, or in 8th grade). Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Those crackers look so delicious! I love raw foods and foods that have cool colors =)

Sal said...

hehe I used to love me a bit of Dawsons Creek back in the day. Pacey was so hot, way better than whingey old Dawson any day!! haha

The crackers look really tasty!

emilydh211 said...

Those crackers look really interesting...i think I want to try them! haha.

I used to love dawsons creek, it was actually filmed somewhere pretty close to where I live.

Anonymous said...

gosh, you are sooo incredibly healthy - eating those crackers! i dunnno if i could do that =/

Taylor said...

Dawson's Creek ROCKS! I was in that generation, and it was so addicting! Have fun relaxing today girl!!!!

Burp~! said...

those crackers look so interesting. I've always seen them in Whole Foods and in raw cookbooks, and have always been interested to try them, especially because they are GREEN! hahaha...but they're so pricey! do they actually fill you up though?

Kim said...

lol, Dawson's Creek! I'm from the generation that did watch it and I actually started rewatching it again a few weeks ago since it's been 10 years since it originally started! I'm not embarassed to admit that I'm just as much into now as I was then :D

That's too bad that your ice cream didn't work out, it LOOKS good at least!

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

Oh the ice cream looks fabulous girl - i gaurantee if i attempted homemade ice cream it would taste a lot worse than cardboard so you should be proud of yourself :)

I'm glad running is going so well! Keep up the good work doll <3

p.s. i love dawson's creek - i was such a pacey fan!

Ali said...

I've only seen Dawson's Creek like once or twice. I haven't really ever gotten too into it.

At first when I saw those crackers I was like what the heck are those?! But they look pretty good. And you say you added avocado? Anything with avocado is good by me! =]

And your 'ice-cream' doesn't look half bad! It actually looks really good!

And congrats on the keeping up the running Amira!

Erica said...

I use to LOVE Dawson's creek! I love that they are like 28 and playing hifh schoolers haha.

I want an ice cream maker so bad!

Kiki said...

Hm, those crackers actually sounds pretty good. And love the vanilla ice cream! I have a recipe for ice cream in a bag that could most likely be made with soy milk if you want it.

Nicci said...

Your ice cream doesn't look too bad lol. Sounds good though. The crackers look good too!

Katie said...

I hope the ice cream works out better next time! Those crackers look great - where'd you get them?

Megan said...

mmm i luuurve the crackers and toppings. too bad about the ice cream, better luck next time!

Vegetation said...

Mmm those crackers sure sound interesting! Sorry about the ice~cream :( I hate it when that happens (if it makes you feel any better, I have an ice cream maker and usually don't use it, for some reason it doesn't like to actually turn my "cream" into ice!)

Tara said...

The raw crackers look great! Did you use a dehydrator to make them? I'm still working on making my ice cream taste less cardboard-y, too! I think I'm going to try using coconut milk instead of soymilk.

Theresa said...

Hey Amira, spatzle are small, german/eastern european noodley-dumpling things. They are usually full of eggs and milk, apparently, but I found a vegan recipe here:

Except, I don't have any of the kitchen equipment she uses, so I just rolled my dough out and cut it into noodles. Very easy, and quite yummy!

As a fellow ice-cream-maker-less vegan, I feel your pain. I've found that fruity sorbets are a bit easier to make than proper ice creams, or if you use silken tofu (mango flavoured!) it gets less crystally.

TML <3 said...

Yam! Is that marmalade on your bread? I miss marmelade, because I love it and we don't have it were I live! :-(

a vegan about town said...

I loved Dawson's Creek! I shipped Joey and Pacey all the way through.